Why Choose Us?

At Georgetown Dental Center, we always take the time to explain what’s going on with your specific diagnosis. Your questions and concerns are absolutely valid and important to us, whether we’ve seen your issue before or not. We will always take the time to fully explain any dental issues and will thoroughly explain a number of treatment options. We’ll work with your insurance and your budget to determine the best treatment for you. You should expect nothing less from any dentist in Indianapolis, IN. You’ll find it here.

Our team knows that dental care can sometimes make you feel as though you are invisible. Some dentists might use terms you’ve never heard. They may even talk about your care as if you aren’t even there! You won’t experience that here at Georgetown Dental Center. We make sure you play an active role in determining the details of your treatment. Ensuring your comfort and peace of mind is always our primary concern.

Your First Visit

When you visit us for the first time, get comfortable and enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, or water. Once you’re at ease, we’ll sit down and devise a comprehensive plan that will address any of your dental issues. In most cases, we can get to work that very day. Rest assured, at every step of the process, we will listen to your concerns and feedback to be sure that you feel in control of your care—as you should be.

Georgetown Dental Center Advantages

  • A broad range of dental services
  • Convenient same-day appointments for families
  • Caring professionals who fully explain your treatment
  • Relaxing, comfortable atmosphere
  • Zero- and low-interest financing options
  • Many types of insurance accepted
  • Medicaid accepted for all ages

A True Family Dentist

Are you accustomed to convenient dental appointments? By that, we mean convenient for your whole family. If you bring your children with you to a dental visit, can they be seen by your dentist during the same trip, so you don’t have to make another? Here they can. To us, the meaning of “family dentist” goes beyond seeing patients of all ages. It’s understanding the specific needs of the family. With work and school schedules, arranging dental appointments for multiple people can be a challenge. Whenever possible, we do our best to schedule family appointments on the same day. We also have office hours on the third Saturday of every month for your convenience. That’s what we consider a true family dentist.

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