Dental Crowns & Bridges

Is a missing or broken tooth limiting what you can eat? Is a chipped or cracked tooth limiting how big your smile is? Whether you’re looking to restore cosmetics or function, damaged or worn-down teeth, if left untreated, can be more susceptible to infection and decay. We offer dental crowns and bridges to repair your smile, restore your oral function, and preserve your health. A crown is custom-built to fit over the remaining portion of a damaged tooth. It goes right on top; this is why they are often called “caps.” In contrast, a bridge is a full replacement for a missing tooth (or teeth). Whether we use a crown or a bridge, it will look, feel, and function like the tooth it’s replacing or repairing. We offer both here at Georgetown Dental Center, your home for dental bridges and dental crowns in Indianapolis, IN.

The Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Chipped, cracked, worn-down, or misshapen teeth? Dental crowns are your solution. These restorations take the place of the chewing surface and the rest of the visible portion of your tooth. The roots supporting your natural crowns may be in proper health, but your crowns can still become weak, damaging your oral function and smile aesthetics. Available in both metal-free and PFM (porcelain fused to metal) options, dental crowns are virtually indistinguishable from your original natural crowns. With gentle sedation dentistry, we can replace your crown without causing you discomfort. To do this we remove a portion of the outside of the tooth, leaving the roots and interior part as the foundation for the new crown. Next, we secure your new crown, offering reliable function and aesthetics. 

Dental crowns enable us to:

  • Restore damaged or weakened teeth
  • Spare you from more extensive treatment
  • Fortify your teeth following a root canal
  • Repair worn-down or deformed teeth
  • Complete dental implant treatment

The Benefits Of Dental Bridges

Is there a gap in your smile? Dental bridges are essentially dental crowns attached in a row that creates a “bridge” spanning the gap left after tooth loss or extraction. A bridge attaches to your healthy teeth at both ends of the gap. We trim some enamel from these supporting teeth. The bridges will fit over those trimmed teeth, just like dental crowns. With your metal-free or PFM bridges in place, you’ll recover the full biting and chewing power you had before you lost any teeth. If you’ve gotten used to eating on one side of your mouth, you won’t have to anymore! 

Dental bridges enable us to:

  • Restore one or more missing teeth
  • Preserve neighboring teeth
  • Reinforce and align your bite
  • Improve your overall dental health
  • Fill the gap left in your smile


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