Advanced Technology

Modern dental technology has transformed the way dentistry is conducted by creating comfortable and precise, customized visits. My Indy Dental Center caters to your smile needs with our cutting-edge technology for improved accuracy and attention to the smallest details. To ensure your smile makeover is exactly what you envisioned, Dr. Yang works with this advanced technology to create your personalized treatment plan and overall dental experience.

Digital X-Ray

Digital x-rays are a type of technology used in our office that allows for a more detailed view of the teeth and mouth. This type of x-ray is different from the traditional x-ray because it uses a digital sensor instead of film—making it faster, more precise, and overall more convenient. With this technology, we are able to get a clear image of the mouth and teeth, which helps us to diagnose and treat problems more effectively.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are used in assessing and diagnosing oral health concerns, big or small. This advanced piece of technology allows you and Dr. Yang to see inside the mouth to identify oral conditions. While being able to educate you on your current oral health, this camera also aids in oral cancer screenings and disease prevention.

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