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Existing Patient Scheduling

Thank you for reaching Georgetown Dental Center. You have reached our online scheduling page. If you are a current patient and would like to schedule your routine cleaning appointment, please follow the link below. Existing Patient Scheduling If you’re a new patient please use our chatbot on the lower right corner and someone will reach […]

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Financing & Insurance

At Georgetown Dental Center we understand how significantly quality dental care can change your life for the better. At the same time, we understand that paying the total cost of care out of pocket isn’t feasible for most patients. We’re ready to help remove all obstacles between you and the treatment you need. That includes

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Membership Plan

If you have no dental insurance, you can save up to 50% on your dental care with our Personal Dental Plan (PDP)! This is an annual dental savings program that we offer for uninsured families and individuals. PDP members receive quality dental treatment at greatly reduced prices. Unlike traditional insurance plans, with our Personal Dental

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Tooth Extractions

Though we never like to have to extract a tooth, there are several reasons why it might be the best choice. One of the primary reasons for tooth extraction is severe tooth decay that causes pain, inflammation, and infection. If you’re experiencing pain, or you have a tooth that is so badly decayed that its

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Smile Makeover

When you have stained, broken, crooked, or missing teeth, your smile leaves a lot to be desired. In addition to losing dental function, you can also lose your self-confidence. Trained and experienced in cosmetic dentistry treatments, the Georgetown Dental Center team can completely transform your smile. A smile makeover usually includes a series of cosmetic-focused

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Office Tour

At Georgetown Dental Center, we always take the time to explain what is going on with your specific diagnosis. Your questions and concerns are absolutely valid and important to us, whether we’ve seen your issue before or not. We will always take the time to fully explain any dental issues and will thoroughly explain a

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Home Care

Tooth decay is caused by a thin, white, sticky film called plaque. Plaque constantly accumulates on your teeth and contains harmful bacteria. This bacteria forms an acid when combined with the sugars in the foods we eat. This acid attacks tooth enamel. With repeated attacks, decay can set in. If not treated early, the cavity

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Career Opportunities Are you a detail-oriented individual with excellent communication skills? Or a licensed professional looking to make a difference in the lives of patients? From the team at the front desk to the dental hygienists and dentists, Georgetown Dental Center has career opportunities aimed at bringing together talented individuals from diverse fields of expertise—all for

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Emergency Dentistry

No one plans for an emergency to happen, but as we all know, life happens when you least expect it. At Georgetown Dental Center, we’re here to help you get through a dental emergency in Indianapolis, IN, and get back to your busy life as quickly as possible. Same-day emergency appointments are available, and our

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