Salute to Commerce

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With a gentle touch, a great staff, and a dedication to the community, Bend Family Dentistry has created a special place where everyone can smile.

Dr. Brad Hester has been in practice for over 26 years, and moved back to his hometown in Bend from Portland in 1994. Though he had a successful practice in Portland, Dr. Hester wanted to be closer to his family and raise his children in a “small town” atmosphere. He took over the Bend Family Dentistry practice from H.M. Kemple and since then has seen the business grow and thrive to the point where he had to move to a larger facility in 1998!

Bend Family Dentistry offers a wide range of services from routine restorative and preventative maintenance to implant reconstruction and aesthetic work and everything in between. The practice also offers sedation for those patients who need a little extra help with their dental anxiety. Dr. Hester says this practice is normal and more and more people are choosing to have sedation even for a basic cleaning.

The office has 3D CT Scanners, lasers, a CEREC machine which can make crowns, and a digital impression machine. “We can make a crown for a patient while they are sitting right there,” Dr. Hester said. “We are a very progressive office that has stayed on top of the latest dental technology.”

But should going to the dentist really hurt? According to Dr. Hester the answer is a resounding no. “This is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about going to the dentist and why they often put off routine maintenance,” he said. “When you see your dentist, it shouldn’t hurt and it doesn’t have to hurt.”

Dr. Hester also points out that people really should stay on top of the preventative work. “People can sometimes let those things go, especially little things,” he said. “The problems can only get worse.”

There have also been rumors as of late regarding radiation exposure during x-rays. Dr. Hester says the amount of exposure is very minimal. Using digital technology lowers the amount of radiation considerably. Although, the exposure is minimal Dr. Hester is very conscientious about this issue and is as conservative as possible without compromising the standard of care he gives.

The staff at Bend Family Dentistry is also amazing! With a staff of 10, Bend Family Dentistry is considered a “high-touch” office. “I’m very proud of the service that we offer and many of the staff have been with me since I started in Bend in 1994,” says Dr. Hester. “The staff is really critical in helping me provide and give the services that I do. Without a staff that performs at a high level, I couldn’t give back what I do.”

Bend Family Dentistry prides itself on service not only to its customers, but also the community. The practice gives back mostly through the delivery of dentistry to those in need. They are involved with Kemple Children’s Clinic, Volunteers in Medicine, Shepherds House, and Saving Grace. “We focus on those places that service people who have a financial challenge in getting the care they need,” said Dr. Hester. “So our services are provided for free.”

The staff also gives back to the community in a variety of ways and will often donate their time to the afore mentioned efforts and they usually help with Project Connect every year at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds. “All the staff is very service oriented and they love to help in these types of situations,” Dr. Hester said.

Bend Family Dentistry and Dr. Hester have also had a strong pull to give back to the community. “I think when you are a part of a community or family that piece is just a critical part of being a part of that group,” he said. “It feels good to give back and it’s a great way to serve another person.”

Above all, Bend Family Dentistry is proud to receive the Salute to Commerce Award. “I’m honored and it’s great to have this acknowledgement from the community,” said Dr. Hester.

The Salute to Commerce Program is sponsored by Combined Communications Inc., The Riverhouse, and the Bend Chamber of Commerce. Congratulations to the past year’s Salute to Commerce recipients for making Bend a better place to live: Bend Burger Company, Standard TV & Appliance, OnPoint Community Credit Union, Bend Mailing Services, The Cake Lady, Fly & Field Outfitters, Western Title & Escrow Company, Precision Auto Body, Cascade Village Shopping Center, Robert’s On Wall Street, Cheerleaders Grill, and Sun Forest Construction.

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